Slab Size dimensions

The standard dimensions of VICOSTONE slabs are 305 x 144 cm (56 x 120 inches). Jumbo size slabs are also available with dimensions of up to 330 x 165 cm (65 x 129 inches). Standard thicknesses of 2cm (3/4″) and 3cm (1 1/4″) enable a multitude of applications. (Special thicknesses of 1 cm, 1.2 cm can also be available for large commercial orders).

Slab Finishes

Slab Finishes are available in Polished, Honed, Brushed, Egg, and Antique.

  • Polished

    Highly polished, smooth to the touch, elegant finish and modern design.

  • Brushed

    Brushed finish brings a nostalgic feeling of luxurious designs.

  • Honed

    This bring a smooth feeling, stylishness and authentic quality to interior design, and are an endless inspiration to most innovative design ideas.

  • Eggshell

    Originating from the Honed surfaces, the egg finish has lower gloss and is fainter in it’s reflection of light, thereby increasing the fineness of an interior design theme.